Playlists for all!

Deezer lets you as a user listen to an ocean of music. You can easily search for an artist or a track and listen to it immediately. Digster helps you find the music you like on Deezer.

Deezer works as a music library that you have saved on the Internet. The number of tracks is way beyond what you would normally have: over 30 million and counting.

Digster editors put together playlists for Deezer that you easily and for free save in Deezer by clicking the ”Add to favorites” button. Whenever you feel like listening again it will be there for you. The Digster editors update the content on the playlists without requiring any action from you! It can’t be any more simple.

You can find Digster’s other playlists through our site, but also through Digster’s profile in Deezer. This way it easy to find new music if you want to find playlists for other occasions.

Listen on Deezer.

Check out Digster’s profile and it to your favorites here.