This is Digster

Stay updated!

Digster’s best playlists are what we call Live. This means they are always updated. Normally this is done once a week. It doesn’t mean we change all tracks on a list, but we make sure new music is added and that the order sounds good.

For all occasions

All playlists on Digster are marked with genre, mood and what we believe the music is suitable for. Everything from party to workout. If you want to relax to a House playlists, it is of course entirely up to you. You can have red wine with fish too.

Spotify playlists

If you have Spotify it means you will easily get your music updated by Digster. Click on +Subscribe in Spotify when you have a Digster playlist playing. As soon as we update the playlist you will know. Sometimes you will have to restart Spotify to see the updates.

Buy on iTunes

Would you rather own your music, burn it on cd or put it on an mp3 player? No problem. All Digster’s playlists containg links to iTunes for making downloading simple.

Watch favorites

By setting playlists as favorites you’ll get notifications on your Digster profile whenever a playlist is updated. As soon as you view the playlist the Updated icon is removed.

Create a music profile

As an important part of your personal profile is the Music Profile. It will give you the chance to show the world your music preferences but we will also give you sugestions on playlists that match your settings. Anything to help you find music you love.


We want you to know as soon as great music is available. For this reason our newsletter includes news about our playlists as well as other fun stuff from the world of music.

Digster Premium

With Digster Premium you get access to all our previous versions of our Live playlists and the artist’s own playlists. You can either pay for a Premium account or use a value code, should you be so lucky to get your hands on one.

Editors who know

We at Digster believe it’s super important what a playlist looks like. To make it great all people creating our playlists works with music professionally. This way we can strike a balance between the latest and something that a lot of people will like, between the alternative and the music with a big audience.

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